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One's dignity may be assaulted,

vandalized and cruelly mocked,

but cannot be taken away unless

it is surrendered.”  Michael J. Fox

   WARNING: A misdiagnosis

 can often be a problem. Check Out Herb's Story 

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Welcome to our collection of inspiring videos and audios about Parkinsons's Disease and Supranuclear Palsey where we embark on a journey of motivation and resilience,   

A Better Way To Live With Parkinson's Disease or PSP (Supranuclear Palsey

Gain a new attitude with this cutting edge book. Written by Gibbs Williams PH.d and his brother Herb Williams to empower those affected by Parkinson's and PSP.

Group Support Programs

Join our supportive community for group sessions that offer valuable insights and encouragement for individuals with Parkins;s and PSP witn their their loved ones.